My Approach… in Detail


I call my approach Biblical PSI – Person-oriented, Solution-focused, Integrated therapy from a Judeo-Christian Perspective. That’s quite a mouthful, but what does it mean?


Person-oriented – I favour the approach of Carl Rogers, the originator of Person-centred therapy. I will adapt to you and your unique problem, not the other way around. You will find acceptance and support in building the necessary relationship with me in order for you to feel safe enough to allow me to help you. Trust lies at the core of the most meaningful dialogue where truth can be found.


Solution-focused – I also favour the approach of Insoo Kim Berg/Steve de Shazer, the originators of Solution-focused brief therapy. We will work together with a forward focus toward finding solutions instead of dwelling in the past. Finding purpose and passion will be our key goals.


Integrated approach – I use techniques found in many other forms of therapy (such as those of Adler) to create a personalized therapy plan for you. You will find me present, involved, genuine, warm, empathetic, respectful, authentic, honest, open and self-disclosing (as relevant). You will be supported by an encouraging, hopeful atmosphere where we work towards change.


Biblical – As a Christian I believe that people can only be understood as integrated and complete beings, created by God to be a fusion of five inseparable dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. I believe that your personal growth involves God, you, and a community of supporters. God is the source of personal transformation; He is the one who gives the change and growth. My belief that the Bible provides considerable insight into emotional and mental health is woven into my therapeutic style.

But He doesn't do all the work … He expects us to be involved and do our parts. Your part is to cooperate with God and with those who are helping you grow/change. My part is to offer everything you just read above.


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