Individual Counselling – Most counselling is one-on-one, allowing you and I the time and space to develop a good rapport, trust and encouragement. The sessions can be held in person (if you are local) or via Skype or FaceTime. 


Marriage Counselling – Let’s face it, being married takes work - it isn’t like the movies. Sometimes in our relationships we get stuck. My husband and I have been married for 33 years and there have been many moments that have taken concentrated work to get through. Sometimes we sought out others for help and other times we just started talking. I am here to help you to start talking again, however, talking has no value without also listening to what our partner is saying – communication is key!


Relationship Counselling – As we go about life we encounter a vast variety of people and situations. Sometimes, relationships hit a rough spot and need a safe, open, non-threatening place to work out a solution. Whether it’s family, work, friends or church relationships, I would like to help.


Group Counselling - A new Self-Esteem group session will be starting the first week of March. To register and find out more information please contact me.

Finding Freedom from Your Past – I am trained in the Anderson method of breaking spiritual bondages and offer this to those who specifically want to get to the spiritual root of their problems. This process takes 8 sessions.