Other Services

My husband, Peter, and I partner to provide unique training solutions for engagement through our company, OCA-Training. Whether we train, lecture, coach, mentor or counsel, we believe that learning happens best in an environment of fun and freedom. Where our efforts differ from others is in the post-training … we strive to ensure that lessons taught are transformed into lessons learned by personal follow-up with each individual. This is where the magic of change takes place.

Ask us about any of these offering for you, your organization, or your church?
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Marriage Reboot Camps
    (1 day   or   an evening and a day … plus follow-up)

These fun and enlightening high-energy events are geared for a minimum of 10 couples. Could your marriage use a F.A.C.E.-Lift (Focus – Alignment – Connection – Energy)? It takes more than just love for a marriage to work well; it takes work and skill. The Reboot Camp might be just what you are looking for.

OCA Engagement Solutions    (½-day to 5-day events, plus follow-up)

Our corporate training solutions include significant follow-up with your trainees to help them implement and operationalize their learning through the creation of new habits and practices that increase their effectiveness and performance.  All training is tailored to the needs of the trainees, whether executives, line managers, employees or teams. Our single focus is to help your people become sustainably engaged. We do this through the different lenses of: self-management/leadership; people-management/leadership; and change-management/leadership.  


The Art & Science of Balancing Life (3 month or 6 month versions)

Originally offered at the community level, we successfully introduced this in our corporate training offerings in 2008. The focus is simple: how can we thrive (not just survive) in a frenetically-paced world of competing priorities, achieving peak performance (for everything) through learned skills. Our training drills down into the real (not just academic) management of our stress, fears, well-being & balance. 

The Omega Program           

This intensive comprehensive training/coaching program is intended for 15-25 serious followers of Christ who are ready to fill in the gaps in their spiritual formation and leverage God’s gifts of choice and process, turning them into freedom to take control and to be effective in life and godliness. It works because trusting God gives yields control, and training turns that control into effectiveness.